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Welcome to Tackle Development Services.

We provide a modification service to improve the reliability of electronic fishing tackle devices.

We can replace the connectors on Delkim Bite alarms for a more robust gold plated metal version of the 2.5mm and 3.5mm jack type connector. All connectors used for this modification are high quality RoHS compliant gold plated connectors which will improve reliability in the damp conditions found by the river or lakeside, added to this a waterproof conformal coating will be applied to the solder joints made inside the replacement connector.

Photographs of these modifications will be posted here shortly.

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Post your bite alarm illuminating hanger with a prepaid for return and self addrssed envelope to the following address:

TDS Po Box 4 2 3 1 (Four Two Three One)
SL60 1ET
Please be careful with the address, if you get the Po Box number wrong we will not receive your item.

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