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March 2006
"A very good balance of style with a great display and a perfect performance..."

Identical to the TR30 [Lite]... and by paying £50 less you lose the extra voices and laser detector.

It had the same impressive display and didn't put a foot wrong in the test. A very good balance of style with a great display and a perfect performance.

TR30 Lite

Not only did this unit find the mobile sites and fixed traps, and clear quickly, it was well laid out too. The voice warning gave trap type and limit, while the display showed the road number of the next camera. You can opt for character voices (such as Yoda from Star Wars.)

January 2006
"[The] new TR30 Lite is the best system here"

Autocar: Our Choice

You're less likely to have heard of Technology Driven Solutions than the other two brands on test, but its new TR30 Lite is the best system here; its database of cameras is more comprehensive than the others; it's also easy to tailor its audio and visual alerts to suit, and the way it deals with the new SPECS cameras by calculating your average speed is particularly effective.

Other products on test:

Road Angel Compact

RoadPilot MicroGo

Source: Autocar magazine, Haymarket Press

October 2005
Gold Award Winner ICE Awards 2005
The TDS TR-30 scooped Gold Prize at the key industry 2005 In Car Entertainment (ICE) Awards held in October 2005.

"This is brilliant"

This is brilliant. It spotted every fixed and mobile camera site on our test route in good time and gave clear warnings. At the point of alert it gives the speed limit, your speed and the camera type and beeps increase in intensityas you approach. If you are under the limit it is silent.

The display is clear and easy to read in all light. The TR30's trumpcard is its permanent power feed from the battery which means it doesn't waste time searching for satellites at ignition.

Source: Test Drive magazine, Dennis Publishing

"A brilliant piece of kit"

The new kid on the block and what a debut it makes. The TR30 is close to faultless. It spotted every single fixed and mobile site on our test route in good time and gave clear warnings, packed with useful information.

At the point of alert the speed limit, camera type and your current speed are given and beeps increase in intensity as you approach the camera. However, if you are under the limit the unit mutes, which is great. The display is clear, easy to read in all lights and we love the minimalist design. The TR30's trumpcard is the fact it has a permanent feed from the battery.

The unit uses the same amount of power as your car's clock to hold satellite lock so the instant you turn it on it works. This means you can't use it with another car, but most users will live with that. The only hiccup on our 30 mile test route was one false alert for a ficticious mobile camera site but we can forgive it one minor infraction. A brilliant piece of kit.

Source: BBC Focus magazine

June 2005
"Its performance is outstanding..."

Can we recommend it, Yes.

TDS have produced this feature packed unit. Its performance is outstanding and it is the NEW class leader in fitted systems.

The TR 30 gets top marks and is a worthy unit. If you are after a fitted unit then this unit must be on your shopping list.

Source: Reproduced with kind permission of Steve Warren

May 2005
"As close to "Future-Proof" as you can get."

This is a very clever bit of kit. As close to "Future-Proof" as you can get.

Think about what you would want a GPS detector to do – it’s got it. You can personalise this unit to get it to work exactly the way you want it to work.
It's a serious contender to the Road Angel for the best system.

The TR30 is great value for money and very easy to use with more features than anything else on the market.

Very comprehensive database - probably the best of the lot.

Very little indeed – there are no features missing on this device.

It’s funny when you think about it, that the only minor gripe we had against the TR30 is that the database is too good. It’s so comprehensive, particularly on mobile sites, that it could get annoying if there is no safety camera van using the location that day. However this point also demonstrates why we think this is probably the best GPS system on the market.


"[The TR30] is the daddy"

Here’s a product from... ...Surrey-based company Technology Driven Solutions and this is the start of a roll-out of some attractive GPS products available this year.

Their first venture, the TR30 and its budget alternative the TR20, is borne out of some careful examination of the existing equipment available. Having tried the TR30, I can say that without doubt, this device is the daddy. It has a breadth of performance and convenience that leaves most of the opposition struggling in its wake.

Source: Martyn Williams, In Car Retailer


The TR30 is our top of the range GPS driver warning system with powerful industry leading database that keeps you on the road and ahead of the game.
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