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The TR30 Pro is our top of the range GPS driver safety system offering many customisable features:
Powerful industry leading database keeps you informed
  • With road safety measures continually being introduced the Quantum database keeps you thoroughly informed
  • Advisory warning of:-
    • Gatso & Digital Gatso
    • Truvelo & Digital Truvelo
    • SPECS Average speed cameras
    • Mobile speed enforcement sites
    • DS2 and Known handheld LASER sites
  • Notice of congestion and toll charge areas
  • Warning of accident blackspots
  • Warning of other Digital Speed Cameras
  • Personal location warning (up to 50 programmable sites)
  • Over speed warning
  • Warning beep
  • Downloadable male, female and speciality voices*
  • Multi-colour backlight to match your car instrumentation
  • Reversible customisable panel to match interior
Monitors your journey with GPS
  • GPS position, longitude and latitude
  • Compass
  • Road number identification
  • GPS derived clock (analogue or digital)
  • Journey information

Easy to install and maintain

  • Removable display protects against theft
  • Plug and play PC connection via USB
  • Set customisable options via PC
  • Microsoft Vista Compatible
* Speciality voices have been created by Giggly Bear Productions. TDS in in no way suggests these are the actual characters and respects the copyright and licences of the original artists.

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